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Fresh local ingredients… delicious cuisine for everyone!

Chef Richard has a vision to help improve the quality of life for today’s fast-paced families.  Time is a commodity that everyone is short of, and often, families struggle to find time to plan, shop and prepare food.   Our service gives you back this extra time so that you can enjoy quality, relaxed meals with your family.


We create nutritionally sound meals that nourish the body, providing the energy needed to perform our best each day.


Our goal is to decrease the time and frustration of organizing daily menus for your family and allow you to spend more time together while enjoying healthy and delicious meals.

Chef Richard’s meal service is like having your own personal chef with customizable options that accommodate any dietary needs or restrictions.  Take advantage of this wonderful service and replace stress with extra time to relax with your family each day!

Delicious Food that is good for you!

It is our founding principle, that healthy and delicious are synonymous.   As a nutritionist and a chef, I have spent my entire career finding solutions for even the most finicky eaters.   My recipes are balanced, nutritional, diverse, and absolutely delicious. By using fresh, local ingredients, and integrating  my extensive experience cooking for children, I have found a way to integrate healthy, satisfying options for all families!


“Chef Richard makes eating healthy easy and delicious”
                                                                                -Ed Diaz - Picky Eater

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